Monday, February 18, 2008

The Wisdom of Jake

JAKE: Age 3

We went to buy new sneakers for the approaching start of "itty bitty sports." Afterward, I wanted to check out a new Mexican Furniture store that had just opened. From the moment we walked in, Jake wanted to leave. It wasn't his kind of shopping experience. Not a toy or lollipop anywhere in sight. I kept saying we'd go in a minute, and asked him to walk around with me. "GramAnne can we go now," was his repeated request.

Then, in a loud voice, "I can FAWT with my AWMS when I'm naked."
"What did you say,?" I asked knowing full well what he'd said but couldn't believe my ears.
"I can FAWT with my AWMS when I'm naked," he repeated.

Of course we fled the store, I was choking with laughters, and Jake got what he wanted. The amazing mind of a three year old to realize that if he said something outrageous I would leave faster than anyone could blink.