Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas dear family and friends!  

Let's pretend this is a Christmas card that arrived in your mail box. That way we can wish you and yours all of the best things about this Blessed time of year and save all the hassle that comes with getting it from here to there. Just think about all that we have saved: the ever increasing cost of a stamp, the card selection process itself, and the claw-like hand cramping that I now get when I hold pen or pencil for any length of time.

It makes me happy to say Merry Christmas. It's what we should be saying right now. I've decided not to say "Happy Holiday or Winter Vacation or anything like that anymore. Ever. I think everyone should wish others any type of special occasion greeting that means the most to them. So, Merry Christmas and God Bless us, everyone.

 We are all happy and healthy and thank the Lord every day for all the Blessings that overwhelm us. Jackson Hole is a bit nippy right now, so we are tucked here in the comfort and warmth of our Arizona High Mesa and enjoying the company of all our family. The Kentucky folks have arrived, so December is filled to the brim with almost a month-long house party that also includes two birthday parties.  Two-thirds of our "Irish Tripletts" (they were three under three) have now reached the half century mark.  The concept is a little hard to grasp.  We certainly can't be the Olde Phart Parents that their ages imply, can we?

The celebrations around here include the cacophony of a herd of dachshunds (4) sending the news to all who happen to pass by on the street far down the driveway. If a visitor, the FEDEX folks, the UPS Browns or our mail lady actually comes up the driveway, the celebratory howls are deafening. Usually, only rock stars receive such raucous and loud greetings, but here at Casa de Roadrunner, everyone approaching creates a huge amount of excitement, and the doggies keep us laughing. Not as sure about our neighbors however, but they a so far, continuously polite.

 The days are sunny, with temperatures in the seventies or eighties. The pool is heated and very inviting. The nights are cold and full of dazzling stars and brilliant moon glow. The winter sunsets paint a beautiful mural every evening as we gather in the comfy camaraderie of those we love.  Our hearts break for the Newtown, CT families dealing with the unfathomable grief that we cannot begin to understand or get our heads around.  We can only pray for them and for the hope that our leaders will find the way to try and stop the madness.  More mental health screening instead of just kicking the "weird loners" out of schools would be one place to start, as would toning down the violence in movies, video games and cartoons.  We have seen every parents worst nightmare and every child's monster under the bed realized.  It must stop.

 As we say here in Arizona, "When the mountains turn pink, its time for a drink." So here's a toast to you and yours, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may 2013 bring good health, comfort and joy to all of you.

With much love,

Anne and Ron Walker and all their family.

Here's the boys in their Christmas Pajamas.