Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Divine Intervention for Roadrunner

 Ron Walker was the human "Roadrunner".  It was his codename in the Nixon White House for world wide communication.  The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) took it away from a Nike Missle site in Alaska, and gave it to Ron, who always had a little twinge of feeling bad about that.  But Roadrunner he was.  (Actually we call our home here on the High Mesa, near Tucson, Arizona, "Casa de la Roadrunner, which means "House of the Roadrunner."

An amazing thing has happened recently right here on the High Mesa near Tucson, Arizona.   An authentic roadrunner started visiting us more often.  He came by most days to get a drink of water, and he would come right up the the sliding glass door to see if the human Roadrunner was in residence.  Ron started calling him "Rodney" because that was a nickname that many of his White House Pals, called the human Roadrunner, and he was loving seeing the bird more often.

After using a push broom on the patio, Ron stuck it upside down in the corner near the door to his office.  Roadrunner, the bird, took a fancy to it, and moved in.  He's been sleeping there everynight since our long-time buddy John Kinnear died.  Now, Johnny K goes way back to our college days, and he was always such a campus hot dog that we called him "The Mustard King."  His wife, Corky, was a delta gamma pledge sister of mine.  Over the years, Corky and John gave Ron a couple of DeGrazio's paintings of Roadrunners, and we treasure them.

Now here's my theory.  John Kinnear got to heaven, the same week as Colonel Jack Brennan, President Nixon's long time marine aide, and they were all having a fun reunion sharing tales with Jon Foust, Mike DuVal, Dewey Clower and all the others who made history together.  They decided to send THE Roadrunner, a roadrunner to let them know they were thinking of him.  How else would you explain this?  Thanks guys, we love him and you!