Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey, hey . . . I'm a blogger!

Hi everyone. My name is GramAnne and I'm gonna dish some good stuff on my new blog, I hope. I would love to be a wordsmith like the WSJ's Peggy Noonan, and I also love the wise and wonderful simplicity of USA Today's Craig Wilson. I think it is pretty amazing that he GETS PAID to just talk about normal stuff. Hopefully, I can fall somewhere in the middle. So here goes the Inaugural Blog by GramAnne . . . .

The Olde Phart and me, The Beautiful Person, live on the High Mesa overlooking Oro Valley and Tucson, Arizona. We have three absolutely amazing and wonderful daughters, two handsome sons-in-law, two smartest-ever grandsons, Hugh and Jake, and two miniature, brother and sister, dachshund's, Kodai and LuluBelle.

I first came to Tucson from Southern California, in 1956 to attend the University of Arizona. One of my two best friends, Helen Fannie Bartlett Hudson Lovaas and I came together. Her dad worked for Union Pacific so we had a sleeper car. The train stopped in the middle of the night and the sounds of stopping woke me up. I pulled up my window shade for a peak at the outside, and immediately had to wake up Helen. "The mountains aren't pink," I said with much disappointment.

When we arrived at the old train station, we disembarked wearing dresses, hats and gloves. There is a picture in the UofA Dessert of our big arrival.

Tucson was still pretty much a sleepy little college town in those days. At the beginning of my Sophomore year, I met Ron, aka Tex, aka Crockett, Walker, the love of my life. We married between our Junior and Senior year. Our life has been an adventure, full of wonder and wonderfulness. We are blessed and those blessings overwhelm me daily. So, stay tuned, and we'll get on with the telling.

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