Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nixon Legacy Lecture

President Nixon's son-in-law and grandson did him proud on his 97th birthday weekend. Christoper Cox introduced is father, Ed, this year's keynoter at the Nixon Legacy Lecture. Ed Cox, who from certain angles looks a great deal like George Herbert Walker Bush, talked about the President's discipline and intellect. He talked about personal experiences they shared. It was interesting to gain insight into the personality of the 37th President from someone who was a part of the family inner circle.

He said that President Nixon often met important visitors in the Cox's New York City apartment. Tricia often was called upon to be her father's hostess and help with the entertaining. Her father had a study there and spent a lot of time with the Coxes.

Ed has recently assumed the leadership of the New York State Republican party. His first recruit to run for office is his son Christoper. Young Christoper Cox will be successful, it is in his DNA.

I won't try to duplicate everything that was said at this years Nixon Legacy Lecture. My daughter Marja reminded me that is not my job. The Nixon web site will handle that. Whew! The pressure is off. Go to "TNN:" to get the complete run down.

Past Nixon Lecture keynoters have been the President's brother, Ed Nixon (who John Whitaker calls Eddie), Herb Klein, former Senator Alan Simpson, former Congressman Jim Rogan, and former executive director, now turned Episcopal priest, John Taylor. Seeing this list reminded me what a total treasure Alan Simpson is. He's proud member of the American Humorist Hall of Fame. One year, on Lynne Cheney's birthday, a few of us visited the Wild Bill Buffalo Museum in Cody, Wyoming. Senator Simpson is a member of the Museum Board and greeted us upon arrival. When we were leaving, he told us he needed to ask our opinion about something. We gathered around, honored to be asked to opine by the likes of the good senator. He bent his lanky, tall-self down, gathered us close, and asked, "When the chips are down, does it mean the buffalo is empty?"

I would have loved to have been on hand when Alan Simpson gave his Nixon Legacy Lecture. It would be great if he'd bring his wonderful wife Anne and come to the library again, and very soon.

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