Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"2016:Obama's America"


If you haven't seen the movie, "2016:Obama's America", you need to put it at the top of your TO-DO-NOW list. If you know anyone who is even remotely considering voting to re-elect the current President, please encourage them to see this movie. It is beyond scary. It answers all the questions about where he came from, so fast, so un-tested, so ill-equipped for the job. What was America thinking? What is everyone thinking now?

One bumper sticker floating around nails it: One Big Ass Mistake America

Dinesh D'souza, the man behind the movie and the author of the book by the same name will be speaking at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace on November 1 at 7:00 pm. He says that Obama's "redistribution" beliefs will not only take money from the haves to give to the have-nots, it will change the United States of America to the United States of Islam.

Did I say OMG loud enough?

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