Monday, April 28, 2014

A Blue Ribbon

I didn't grow up in a "4-H Environment" like Ron did.  I didn't really enjoy county fairs that much.  They always seemed too crowded, too hot, too dusty, too smelly and I really hated the scary rides.  "Fair Food" like corny dogs weren't my favorite, but the cotton candy wasn't too bad.  You couldn't pay me enough money to get on a Ferris Wheel, except the one at the Fun Zone in Balboa of course.  I was used to that one and it was small, friendly, and had the best view ever! The bay was a hub-bub of summer fun; sailboats, paddle boats, row boats, swimmers, fishers, and sunbathers all along the sand. I loved to look down on the Balboa Ferry as it crossed back and forth from the peninsula to Balboa Island.  I loved that place.  Still do.

Now guess what?  I just won a Blue Ribbon at the Pima County fair here in Tucson, Arizona.  WOW!  How fun is that?

I entered one of my hand stitched quilts.  It's an American Flag.  Well, it's more like an "Americana" quilt.  It has a different fabric for each stripe and the stars are sewn-on-white-buttons.  I was pleased with the finished product and I guess the judges were too. 

Being a county fair, means the exhibit itself leaves a little something to be desired.  But, hey, you can't have everything!


Unknown said...

Whoo-hoo! Wonderful, Anne!!! Congratulations!

Coronado said...

Beautiful! Congratulationsl