Friday, May 16, 2014

Lynne Cheney Reconsiders Madison

Dolly and James Madison must be Virginia-reeling all over the rainbows and clouds these days.  Power couples are all the rage.  The Cheney's today and the Madison's from a long time ago. 

I went to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, DC on Monday night to hear Lynne and the former Vice President talk about her new book, "James Madison: A Life Reconsidered."  The overflow crowd was enthusiastic during the evening that The Washington Post called "Fun with Dick & Lynne."  It WAS fun.  But it was much more than just fun. It was very informative.  The Cheney's will be talking about the book at both the Nixon and Reagan Presidential Libraries next week.  Anybody who can join them, we'll enjoy the experience.

Lynne worked hard on this book for six years.  It shows. She knows her chosen subject, and believes that Madison has not been appreciated for the contributions he made to the framing of the constitution and Bill of Rights.  His major role in the founding of our country has been largely ignored by historians.  Lynne is changing that.  The New York Times book review said, "She clearly brings to life the character and personality of Madison."

The Vice President asked her questions, kind of a reverse of what we all saw on the campaign trail and his book tour, when either Lynne or daughter, Liz, would interview him.  The story of the Red Dress is still there, but without the Red Dress.  It's now about the fact that if Dick's grandfather had chosen to settle in Montana instead of Wyoming, he would never have met Lynne, she would have married someone else, and HE would have been vice president.  The audience loved it.

The Vice President said, "When I write my books, she is sort of an in-house editor.  When she writes her books, I get to read it when she is finished."

I didn't wait in line to buy a book, or have it signed.  Bobbie Kilberg said to me, "Why are you going to stand in line, when you are neighbors in Jackson Hole?"  Good thinking, Bobbie.  I'll catch up with Dick and Lynne this summer. By then I will have read the book, and may have a few questions of my own. 

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